What is Linguistics Spotlight?

Thank you for downloading Linguistics Spotlight, a must-have app for linguistics researchers, students and educators brought to you by Wiley.

This exciting new app gives you the following community features at your fingertips, anywhere, anytime –

  • Latest information on key conferences and latest conference tweets
  • Latest abstracts for articles and books, including the ability to ‘follow’ your favorite publications
  • Latest free Sample Issues for key journals
  • Latest Special Issues, including free articles
  • Access to a series of Publishing Workshops, in audio and PDF format
  • Links to key societies
  • Customizable Syllabi Search tool to find syllabi freely available on institutional websites, perfect for generating teaching ideas
  • Customizable YouTube search tool to find educational videos
  • Customizable search tools for Wiley Online Library, Google Scholar, Google Blog Search and Google News
  • The ability to bookmark any content you see, email yourself a Reading List and share content via Facebook and Twitter
  • The ability to add your own RSS feeds, allowing you to keep track of your favorite sources

The app shines a powerful spotlight on linguistics, enabling you to read all the latest news and developments in your field instantly. Whether you want to keep track of broad trends across the discipline or focus in on a subfield, Linguistics Spotlight is an essential tool for your research and teaching.

If you like the app, please do review it in the iTunes App Store – this will mean your fellow education researchers and educators will also be able to harness the power of Linguistics Spotlight.

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